A national and international network.

* Corporate and Project Developers
* Green Finance teams in major banks and legal firms
* Green and Sustainable Fund Managers
* National and Multilateral Development Banks
* Government Agencies/Ministries, such as UK and Brazilian Green Finance Institutes

Deal Sourcing

We normally source Latin American deals that seek investment principally in Europe, or vice versa, but will occasionally consider deals from other areas, especially North America.

Recognizing the need to specialize and maintain focus, we look to source middle stage Private Equity (PE). We are well experienced in credit assessment and management risk and we carefully scrutinize each deal, normally in conjunction with other specialized financial institutions and placement agents involved in each deal. We may also source potential M&A deals in our focus sectors.

Deal Placement

There has been substantial growth in Ethical, Sustainability and Governance (ESG) investors in recent years. We have important global contacts with:

• Green and Sustainable fund managers
• Sovereign Wealth Fund
• Private and Public Sector Pension Funds and Insurance companies
• High Net Worth (HNW) individuals and Family Offices

High Net-Worth Individuals and Family Foundations are selective when it comes to networking. Our founder maintains contacts in the global arts world through her Institute Incluzartiz / Arte Viva foundation which is described in more detail in the Biographies below.

We require a reasonable retainer fee in order to cover our costs and an introductory/advisory fee for successfully placed investments. We work with our clients to develop a fee agreement and schedule.
We also on occasion may make our own investments in specific deals to show support for the transaction and to align ourselves with fellow investors.

Shaping a global economy fit for the 21st century is our greatest challenge. Such an economy in 2050 would satisfy the needs of more than 9 billion people, who will rightly demand equal opportunities for development. In order to do this sustainably we must respect the boundaries of what our planet can safely deliver. Economic growth and sustainability are inter-dependent. You cannot have one without the other and remain true to equal opportunity for all. Green investment is the pre-requisite to realizing both goals.

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