With a focus on Latin America, the Reynolds Ventures team sees numerous attractive investment opportunities across the region in the sectors that we focus on.

Reynolds Ventures has an experienced, multinational and multilingual team with a local presence in the markets in which we operate. Our team brings to clients a well founded network of business and political connections together with the industry expertise necessary to successfully advise on investments in Latin America.

Reynolds Ventures believes that Latin America has become a lucrative new horizon for investors searching for alternatives to the weak economic growth in the North American and European markets.

Latin America’s cultural and social foundations, as well as the ways of doing business are also more familiar than many investors may realize. In recent years, Latin America has transformed itself into an attractive investment destination due to a number of favourable economic and political factors converging including: 

Sound Macroeconomic Policies [+]

Stable Political Environment [+]

Demand for Natural Resources [+]

Strong Need for New Infrastructure [+]

Emerging Consumer Class [+]



Our multinational team offers local presence in the markets in which we operate, with a strong network of business and political connections. In addition to our own technical expertise we work closely with experienced professionals in private equity and investment banking.

Our international team is ideally structured for cross-border transactions. We bring a special understanding and cultural sensitivity to all our negotiations. We operate at all times with integrity and avoid conflicts of interest that are inconsistent with our professional obligations.


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Director of Reynolds Brazil.